In May, 2018, Radius was acquired by Vistra and will be rebranded under the Vistra name in 2019. Vistra’s services span from international incorporations to trust, fiduciary, family office and fund administration services. Operating across 46 jurisdictions in over 80 cities, employing over 4,000 professionals throughout the Americas, Pan Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe. This webinar is our first featuring experts from each of our combined organizations. 

Cross-border transactions are subject to countless regulations, controls and restrictions. Tax authorities are particularly active in reviewing cross-border supplies, and legislation is constantly evolving to keep pace with technology and complex modern supply chain structures.

Keeping track of these changing regulations represents a serious challenge for businesses. But in today’s increasingly scrutinized global marketplace, it’s more important than ever for organizations to understand their supply chain structures and related options and compliance obligations. Businesses that don’t plan appropriately may unknowingly create additional compliance requirements and tax leakage.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Best practices for reviewing and optimizing your international supply chains
  • The VAT implications of being a party in a distribution network and best practices for efficiently addressing complex compliance requirements
  • Considerations related to centralizing inventory and distribution
  • How to avoid VAT leakage associated with weak internal systems and controls
Director, Indirect Tax

Executive Director,
Vistra China

HR Consultant