Each country has its own protections related to workplace discrimination, and laws vary by jurisdiction. The US, for example, protects against age discrimination for workers 40 and over, while the UK protects both old and young workers against age discrimination.

Despite variations, most developed countries have broadly similar laws prohibiting workplace discrimination. Virtually all multinationals recognize the importance of keeping on the right side of these laws to avoid costly fines and reputational damage. Developing strong internal policies that ensure workplace equality and promote diversity is also critical to attracting and retaining skilled workers, no matter what your countries of operation.

During this webinar Suzie, Kathryn and Alexandra will discuss:

  • Common protected categories, including sex, sexual orientation, race and age
  • Types of workplace discrimination, including direct and indirect discrimination and victimization
  • Bias types and how to avoid unconscious biases
  • Developing workplace policies and practices to protect your organization
  • Developing a workplace-discrimination disciplinary process
Kathryn Barnes
HR Consultant

Suzie Woodcock
Senior HR Consultant

Alexandra Caddick
Senior HR Associate