Join Radius for a webinar, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018 at 1pm EST.

Multinationals are increasingly offering their employees stock-related incentives to reward performance, give workers a stake in their companies and to boost employee retention. Unfortunately for employers, managing these plans and ensuring compliance can be complex, especially when employees are working across borders.

Each country has its own unique compliance requirements governing stock-related remuneration. International employers offering stock-related plans must scrupulously track all related transactions, including any actions taken by their employees. Employers may also have to apply certain payroll withholdings, make additional filings to local authorities and/or fulfill other obligations. In short, this is an extremely complicated area of global compensation and taxation.

During this broadcast, Bill and Matthew will discuss:
  • The reasons for offering stock-related incentives
  • The tax and social security implications of offering stock incentives
  • Common compliance-related pitfalls of offering stock incentives across borders
  • Best practices for tracking your stock plans in all your countries of operation
Bill Kirwan
VP Advisory Services

Matthew Cook
Director, Employment Tax

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